Sunday, September 2, 2012

You Never Know

Sometimes, usually when you least expect it, life throws you for a loop. Generally, at least in my experience, this is NOT a good thing. However, once in a great while, even when you feel most unworthy, you find yourself the recipient of a sweet surprise - something far greater than you probably deserve but nonetheless, there it is, this remarkable gift, so much greater than you could have imagined. Sometimes, this gift comes in the form of a person, a new friend, someone who seemingly knows you, can see inside you, without even knowing you at all. I cannot overstate how powerful an experience this can be. I am in the midst of one right now and, honestly, at this moment, on this day, it is enough, more than enough, to keep me going, even if only for one more day. I am humbled and so grateful.


  1. May life summon you a lot more of these.
    Not because you deserve it as much as you NEED TO FEEL that you deserve it.
    Do you understand my difference? :-)
    Would have been easier if you understood some Hebrew. LOL

  2. I do understand and I thank you, so much! I hope, in time, that I will truly feel worthy of good things. :)