Thursday, February 14, 2013


Thanks to my lovely friend, Nicole, I have been introduced to the amazing world of micropoetry.  Wikipedia defines micropoetry as follows:
"Micropoetry is a genre of poetic verse including twaiku (also known as twihaiku or twitter poetry) and captcha poetry, which is characterized by its extreme brevity."

For someone like me who wants (needs?) discipline to write on even a somewhat regular basis, this is perfect.  It only takes a few moments to write and it gets those old creative juices flowing.  Anyway, though I've only been tweeting my micropoems, so far, I thought, perhaps, that you, my lovely readers, would enjoy reading it as well.  Here's just a li'l taste for you.


The cloudless sky
endless and glorious
vibrant and light
so very different
from the blue
that is the color
of my soul

I hope you'll enjoy reading my poems as much as I enjoy writing them.  As always, thanks for listening.  It matters, truly.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013


I am a fucking mess.  This statement is not only true of me right now but most of the time, unfortunately.  However, every once in a while (more lately than in the past, thank God), a ray of sunlight peeks through the darkness and I find myself writing affirmations not only to "the world at large" but also to myself.  Here are a few I'd like to share with you.

Be absolutely nothing but your true self, always.  If others don't like that, it is their loss, I promise.

Alone might be very safe but it is also very cold.  I like having the warm blanket of contact, even if it's scary sometimes.

Keep putting good into the world, even if all it gets you is a kick in the head.  You will always be the better person.

I am way too smart to act this dumb.

Another day, another chance to get it right.

I need to learn that there will always be people who care about me and people who don't, cherish those who do and fuck the rest.

With these humble thoughts in your mind, I hope this day finds you a happier, healthier person than you were yesterday and well on your way to feeling even better tomorrow.