Monday, September 3, 2012

Finding My Voice

"Sometimes, I hear my voice and its been here, silent all these years." - Tori Amos

So, certain events have transpired over the past few days that have been my impetus to write again. Not about superficial things. Well, okay, maybe sometimes about superficial things but primarily about what's currently in my mind and heart and, I suspect, often about what USED to be in my mind and heart (and maybe still is today) that has helped shape me into the ball of angst and dysfunction I am now. I would like to share the good, the bad and the ugly, with all who want to listen even if no one thinks they want to hear it. Maybe they will someday, maybe not, and that's okay too because ultimately, this blog is for me, to give me a place to clear my head, reflect on the events of my so-called life and try to begin the arduous journey from who I am to who I want to be. It won't be pretty but life isn't pretty. Off we go.


  1. i'm here when you're ready!!

  2. Good for you!! I'm here and of course I want to read any and everything you care to write. Love you!! More!! <3 <3

  3. I'll be here too. I'm sure i can relate to a few and i love a real conersation about Self-analysis. Read your thoughts in twitter it really makes me feel a little understand. Enjoy writting it. Xo Alba.

  4. Only one question before I let you continue:
    Have you decided yet what and who you wanna be?
    Because you know, one cannot start on such a road without having A REACHABLE destination. It is simply not possible.

    So if you are not yet completely sure and very focused, maybe you are wasting a little too much energy right at the beginning?
    Maybe you should sit down a little and draw your destination in a little more vivid colors, while you actually save your energy to the real hard parts of the journey? ;-)

  5. Thanks for the great comments you guys! I appreciate them SO much. It's awesome to feel like I'm not just talking to myself.

    Jin, I don't really have specifics, persay. My main goal is to learn to love myself, embrace my truth without fear or shame and be brave enough to take chances and see what life has to offer. Besides that, I guess I'll just see what happens. ;)