Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Dream On

For some reason, I just remembered one of my dreams from last night. I rarely remember my dreams so I figure I'd better keep track of them when I do. In it, Greg Evigan (perhaps best known to my generation for his starring role in My Two Dads, although he is equally well-known for BJ and the Bear) and Heather Locklear (no explanation necessary) were trying to decapitate me with razor wire. I woke up from that dream, went to relieve myself, and promptly fell back asleep, only to wake up again an hour or so later (again to relieve myself. My fellow tiny-bladdered folks can relate) after having another dream in which, interestingly enough, once again, someone was trying to kill me. I don't recall who or how but the theme most definitely continued. Ponder this, won't you?

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