Thursday, February 10, 2011

Going on a Bit of a Rant Here...

...but seriously, I am MORE than sick of society's "stick-thin" standard of beauty for women. Sure, things are "getting better" (allegedly). After all, women with a little bit of "junk in the trunk" like Kim Kardashian are more than accepted as models of beauty. (Of course, if they don't have the hour-glass figure to go with that bit of booty, the magazines speculate on why they're not thinner.) But come on, enough is enough. Why can't we see more "real" women in the media? I just watched the commercial for Pajama Jeans (which, if you're not acquainted, are basically soft fleece on the inside and stretchy "denim" on the outside). They bragged about having sizes to fit all women, from petite to plus-size, yet there is not a single woman in the ad that is more than, I'd predict, a size 6. There sure as hell aren't any "plus-size" women in this ad. As if there isn't enough to worry about in life, now I need to worry that I'm too fat for Pajama Jeans? Who decides what's "too fat" anyway, a bunch of male executives and size 0 models? Why do we continue to allow those people to control our self-images? Actually, I can only speak for myself. Why do I allow them to control my self-image? Stupid fucking pants. :(


  1. You tell em, girl!! As long as we're all healthy and happy, that's all that matters!!

    Also, Pajama Pants. I am intrigued.

  2. Eh, who says you have to look anorexic to be pretty? Not I said the duck, quack quack! I'm a size 12-14-16 depending on which brand they are and how much they stretch. Am I fat, well...I guess it depends on the day, lol.

    Seriously, most days I'm happy being the size I am. Sure, I'd like to be a size 9 again, but I don't think I'd ever want to be a size zero...was I ever even a size zero? Hrmmm..I don't remember ever being that small.

    That said, even if you WERE stick thin, that isn't going to mean you'd be a size zero or even a size 4. Everyone's bone structure is so different. You could have zero body fat and still be a size 9.

    Even the people that are model thin are self conscious, I'd wager. The reason we don't see that is because they project self confidence. They get paid to look self confident. They don't get paid to be a size zero.

    When you go to the store, you might see two women that are the exact same size...let's say a size 18, let's even say they're identical twins. One appears comfortable in her skin while you can tell the other is self conscious. Which do you think is pretty? The one with her head up. Even though they both look the same the one who appears self confident is prettier than the one who appears self conscious.

    So I guess in my opinion, it doesn't matter your size. Self confidence is everything. It's what makes us think someone is attractive.

    *kicks stupid pajama jeans in the crotch*

  3. I have never thought women that small were pretty. I prefer a woman to have a little thickness to her, but in the right places. I think a woman looks perfect at about size 9. I'm size 11-13 and I'd like to lose a little weight, but I think I look fine!

  4. Thanks for your comments and insights, ladies. Much appreciated. Laura, I do agree about the self-confidence thing. Perhaps that is why I have NEVER felt pretty...I have none. :(