Tuesday, November 25, 2014

What's in a Name?

What's in a name?  A lot, apparently.  I mean, think about it, what is the first thing perspective parents consider upon learning the sex of their child (or even before)?  A name, generally, is something one is stuck with for the rest of one's life.  It helps define a person (or thing), giving others an immediate impression.

This blog was "born" under the name "Kari On".  It seemed clever, seeing as my name is Kari (and it helped clear up the whole "Carrie" vs. "Car-ree" pronunciation thing, usually).  Plus, really, "carrying on" is something I have been trying to do since birth, not in the rowdy sense but in the simple, "continuing to exist" kinda sense.  Which brings me to my new blog name.

When I joined twitter (what seems like 109 years ago), my original handle was the oh-so creative Kari_Murphy (because, of course, KariMurphy was taken).  It worked for me, for years in fact, but it never felt special.

Eventually, I decided on the perfect new handle, PerseveringLilly.  I decided that "persevering" defined my newly-adopted spirit of recovery.  Lilly was chosen for a character in John Irving's book "The Hotel New Hampshire".  She is a character who defined perseverance, at least to me; a writer, overcoming seemingly unconquerable odds until, sadly, she no longer could.  Alas, PerseveringLilly was one character too many for a twitter handle.

So, I was persevering but a persevering what?  Which brings me to a manatee. Yes, you read that right, a manatee. Manatees have long been my favorite animals in the world.  Slow, lumbering, peaceful and gentle (and, in my eyes, completely beautiful).  I have been an "adoptive parent" to many manatees over the years through the Save the Manatee Club but my very first was a female named Star (so named for her star-shaped markings).  Sadly, she passed away before my year's adoption was up but she will forever remain special to me, a beacon of light.  What, I ask you, could symbolize perseverance more?  To me, nothing.  Thus, my twitter handle became PerseveringStar. The name defines me, my hopes, my recovery, my insistence on survival, no matter how difficult the struggle may be. This blog is an outlet, a tool, my escape, my salvation.

What's in a name?  A lot.  And henceforth, Persevering Star will be this blog's name.

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