Thursday, November 27, 2014


Sent this email to a cherished friend early this morning and thought it was worth sharing because it applies to each one of my dear friends, hopefully some of whom will see this.
Life is so fucking hard and so frequently awful but I have finally learned to be grateful for it, even in my darkest moments. It sure as hell beats being dead (or so I'd imagine). 
I am grateful for hope and growth and the opportunity that comes with each new day to make the world better, not only for others (usually my focus) but also for myself.
I appreciate that in spite of every obstacle in my way, all the loss and the fact that every single day I wake up wearing an imagined noose, standing on a chair, deciding whether I should take a step or yank that fucker off my neck and live another day, I somehow manage to keep making the right decision.
I am utterly thankful for those I love, the beautiful, strong, fragile, damaged, supportive, amazing souls who love me for exactly who I am and that, of course, includes you, in such an immeasurable way.
Happy thanksgiving.
With love, 

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