Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Life and Stuff

Hey. I haven't written here in 109 million years but for some reason, today, I felt inspired. I think most of you know that this blog went sort of dormant in favor of my YouTube channel, not surprisingly, also called PerseveringStar. But my first love, always (other than the people I cherish and animals, of course), is writing.

Speaking (er, typing) of writing, I had a dream about a month or so ago about a character I am now deeply in love with. She is pieces of me, in some ways, and my complete opposite, in others. Her name is Eleni or Leni or Elle, depending on who's addressing her. (In her mind, she is Elle.) So far, I've written one short story about her and a piece of another. Eventually, my goal is to write an entire novel (or novella, at the very least) about her that I would LOVE to develop into a screenplay (my first). I know exactly NOTHING about writing for the screen (in spite of having taken a continuing ed class on the very subject shortly after getting my undergrad degree in creative writing and literature). All I really remember about the class is watching movies, in particular, Midnight Cowboy, which I dug, but that's beside the point. The point is, I'm super-enamored with Elle and I am loving the process of developing her story. I know a lot already, things that came to me in the original dream and one subsequent, but most of it hasn't been put on paper yet. But the basics of her journey are pretty-well sketched out in my mind. I'm loving the process of putting the pieces together in a totally haphazard way. It's completely different from how I've ever written before and it's super-exciting!

So, yeah, that's about it for now. I hope I've wet your whistle regarding this project. I will certainly continue writing poetry as well but I probably won't be sharing it here anymore. I think I've mentioned that already but in case I haven't, there you have it. I loved sharing my pieces here and on social media but the simple fact is, I will never be published if I keep putting my work out for free. And I do intend to get published, come hell or high water. I mean, Jesus, I'm forty-fucking-five already. I'm not getting any younger. And one of my biggest not-so-secret fears is being Emily Dickinson. Let me explain. Obviously, what writer wouldn't want to be Emily Dickinson? I just mean in terms of not having my writing known much or appreciated fully until after my death, that would suck. So, I have to get off my wide ass and start making things happen. Here's hoping.

Until next time...

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  1. I love your words..."I know exactly NOTHING about..." That is fucking great! I love honesty. It takes courage to be honest. Keep up the good work. Remember every experience is happening for you, not to you. It's all just material for your amazing writings. ✌❤💡