Monday, May 18, 2015

If I Could Go Back

This is my fourth assignment for the spring semester (second session) of my creative writing workshop.  Just a spoiler alert in case any of my classmates stumble upon this post and don't want to see it before Wednesday night.  ;)

If I could go back
and start life again
would I do now
what I did then?
Would I make many changes
would I live life anew?
Would it make any difference
what I chose to do?
Would changing my past
bring hope or derision
satisfaction or
questioning every decision?
If I wiped out mistakes
knew then what I know now
would I be a happier
person somehow?
Correcting my errors
might destroy my soul.
Would I be weak
if I sought every goal
and was met with success?
Would it take a toll?
To go back in time
and erase all the pain
might lead to a girl
who is perfectly plain
and possibly even more
slightly insane.
No, I'll keep my past
the way it must be
and remain deeply flawed
and imperfectly me.

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