Tuesday, March 24, 2015

More Poetic Blather

This week, as is typical for my creative writing workshop, we were given four prompts from which to choose for our homework assignment. Being the overachiever that I am (or, if only that was true), I chose two of them. The following poems are the result.  (And for simplicity's sake, I simply made the prompts my titles.)

If Walls Could Talk

If walls could talk
would it fill you with dread
the thought of revealing
all you have said?
Would you cower in shame?
Would they run blood red?
Those brutal thoughts
better left unsaid?
Or like me
would you feel free
smugly knowing
what was to be
the walls rendered mute
because you see
the words remained
inside your head?

The Choice

Yes or no?
This or that?
Peaks and valleys
or smooth and flat?
Look with joy
or derision?
Hide in shame
or chase your vision?
Sometimes it seemed
I had no choice
but now I shall
unleash my voice.
Love or hate?
Courage or fear?
Chance or fate?
I'm still here.

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