Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Pay it Forward

Sharing the following story at the request of my dear friend, Jenny, one of the most generous and selfless people I know on behalf of her friend, Anna Marie.  I am quoting the following from a Go Fund Me page and I am quite sure that this story will touch your heart as it did mine.

"On February 19th, 2014, my mom Constancia Cruz collapsed in Seoul International Airport while waiting for a flight home from the Philippines to California. She was immediately rushed to the local hospital and diagnosed with septic shock, a serious condition that severely impacted her vital organs. 

Her husband and my father, Pedro, headed to Korea to be with his beloved wife of nearly 50 years, and my 5 siblings and I also traveled to be by her side. Multiple treatments were administered - including cardiac bypass surgery, hemodialysis, and respiratory support. But after 76 arduous days in Intensive Care, our mother's health continued to deteriorate. And on April 28th at 2:19 pm, surrounded by my father and 2 siblings, she took her last breath.

Even with medical insurance coverage, nothing could have prepared our family for complications of international emergency care. After already paying $90,000 up front, of which only a fraction will be reimbursed, we still have to pay $157,000 to bring her body back home to the United States. We have contacted the U.S. Embassy, who told us they cannot help. In fact, numerous families have faced a similar scenario and were left no option but to leave their loved ones in foreign hospitals. 

We don't want this for my mom. As you can imagine, knowing she is at her desired final resting place would bring us closure and peace of mind.

To claim my mother's remains from the hospital, we have set a goal to raise $157,000, which is what we need to cover the bill. Audacious goal? Maybe. But one of the things I've learned from this experience is that people are truly kind and generous. We have felt the outpouring of love and support in so many ways. And it's in that spirit that I ask for your help. Even if you cannot make a donation, you can spread the word. Help bring our mom "home" this Mother's Day. 

With sincerest appreciation and thanks,

-Anna Marie on behalf of our family (Pedro, Andrea, Allan, Adrian, Amabelle, Amanda)"

If you have the means to assist, please consider it.  Even if you cannot afford to, just spreading the word and sharing this family's touching story will help.

Thank you!!

Here's the link where you can help:

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